Every now and again we come across other great resources and projects that we think may be of interest to users of this website. On this page we list some of the best resources as we find them. Feel free to contact us with any good ones we are missing.

More colouring in

Patterns for Colouring – a really nice collection of geometric patterns suitable for adults, children and young people. The colouring sheets can be printed directly from the website.

Mq. & Mrs. – this is another community colouring sheet website, primarily aimed at kids and young people. All the images are of queer and trans people, and the site only uses real people as models. It’s a great resource for both colouring and education around queer and trans experiences. The full collection of colouring pages is here.

Cool projects

Textiles for Dementia – for her final year project as part of her Textiles degree, Emily Martin created a collection of textile wall hangings for several care homes in Edinburgh. The wall hangings play a part in reminiscence therapy for the residents.

SuperBetter – this is an awesome app designed to help people make progress or cope with similar conditions and situations as TheColouringBook.org. It’s especially good if you are into computer games.

In their words “SuperBetter helps you achieve your health goals – or recover from an illness or injury – by increasing your personal resilience. Resilience means staying curious, optimistic and motivated even in the face of the toughest challenges.

Plain Pattern by Kenneth Cachia – Kenneth Cachia has designed this great and easy to use app which allows you to create unique patterns, drawing on icons from The Noun Project and using a series of controls to change your pattern. You can then download the image when you’re done.


Graphic Medicine – this organisation explores the interaction of comics as a medium with healthcare discourse and practice. The site features reviews, podcasts and articles. Graphic Medicine also arrange an annual Comics and Medicine conference which is brilliant (TheColouringBook.org was there in 2013!).